Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 17: to Religios

OMG that was a weird and tough day.

Very amusing dinner last night - felt slightly like Fresher's week. For one thing, we met the Martin that our Lithuanian friend was thinking of. He is Swiss (and v entertaining). For another, we received a confession of undying love of Niall. You get the picture. A fair bit of wine was consumed.

Then a night of not only class A snoring but also night terrors from the elderly gentleman in the corner of the room.

Then what was supposed to be a medium length, remote walk across an  empty 'African' landscape (quoting the guidebook there). Quite pleasant scenery and weather and the bush was definitely a nice change from endless cornfields.

But then... We arrived in our planned destination at about 2. A very very old lady let us into the municipal hostel, explaining that we needed to bolt the door at night because the dogs come in to root through the rubbish... That was ALL OVER THE FLOOR! (It seems there is no hostel-keeper at present). After helping her throw out some rubbish we ventured a look at the beds. And at that point decided to walk on another 18k to the next town.

So, a jolly old 45k walk in total - not the longest I've ever done but the longest while wearing a 10k pack and  planning on walking again the next day! And the 18k was mostly on a beautiful old stoned Roman road. Historically impressive but hard on the feet.

 Other things have been weird today: I've been smoked on in both the bars I entered (never seen this before, the Spaniards seem to obey the ban), and plagued by enormous hairy caterpillars - sometimes alone and sometimes in strings of about ten. On the plus side I did meet the world's cutest dog, though his owner refused to let me take him to Santiago..

I'm gibbering. Time to drink, eat, sleep, repeat.

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