Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 14: to Itero de la Vega

The rain in Spain, let me tell you, falls mainly on the plain. Which, annoyingly, is exactly where I am.

The rain also fell mostly during an intense couple of hours in which we walked over the top and down the other side of a very big hill. Pretty much everything I own is now wet (in fact the driest is what I was already wearing). While the waterproof hat, gloves, coat and trousers all performed well, the backpack and waterproof cover were together not quite up to the forces of nature (ie gales and horizontal driving rain).

Anyway, that aside it's been a good day.

Now tucked up and drying out in a nice hostel / hotel with a belly full of pilgrim's special (multi egg and chip dinner). Also I just experienced my first 'live chat' (customer service via web chat) with the lovely Emma from Vodafone. No progress towards PAYG but at least I have stopped my current account from being cut off. I hope.

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