Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 10: to Villambistia

A rough night (as well as the usual snorers there were also 1am copulators, and a very enthusiastic 5am dance-of-the-flashlights), but, BUT - I am walking again.

In fact walking quite far, about 30 k. And this little miracle is due to a pair of Tevas that I picked up yesterday evening and that don't touch my dodgy toes at all!

In truth my toes feel a lot less dodgy now, though I haven't actually looked at them under their big white bandages. I also failed to have a nurse look at them this morning since the health centre had moved locations and I couldn't face finding the new one all the way across town.

Not sure Tevas were entirely designed for long distance walking, and they may not be a solution tomorrow, as rain is due. But today they have enabled excellent progress through the cornfields of Castilla Y Leon.

A fairly long but peaceful day of dusty tracks across cornfields and small tumbleweed villages. We lunched in the sunny square in Belorado (enormous pork and pepper baguette) but, ears still ringing from last night, came on an extra 7k to a tiny albergue in the hope of a quieter night's sleep... I'll let you know.

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  1. Pls send photo of footwear and preferably a reminder of whatbyoulook like!