Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 12: to Burgos

We awoke this morning to below freezing temperatures and some snow settled from the shower last night. The first part of the walk was up over a high pass, beautiful but cold enough even when togged up to the nines. I was glad that the path was no less obviously delineated.

After an excellent coffee stop a long hard slog into Burgos through 10k of endless outskirts, and a little more snow/hail falling. 

Burgos centre is lovely. The crowning feature is the enormous ornate cathedral. Not entirely to my taste (a lot of gilt, as well as guilt) but some beautiful stonework and sculpture.

In truth I am really tired today, I think because the cold weather makes things a bit more of a slog. Unfortunately tomorrow is a non-negotiable 31k with rain and cold forecast (in our faces). We shall see what the camino brings.

In the meantime I have snuck off to the almost entirely-empty second floor of the albergue where hopefully a restive night awaits!

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