Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 19: to Siersburg (63k; 1048 total).

A very satisfying day all round, and in which I broke through the 1000km mark.

Today we left the Moselle river and picked up the Saar, a much smaller river heading southeast towards France. Still lots of cyclists but mostly of the retired-on-holiday-and-electric-bikes variety.

The cycling today was quite different and on occasions absolutely perfect, with a bit of a Scottish loch feel. (I am reminded of Ewan McGregor in The Long Way Round, who whenever he is somewhere beautiful immediately says 'oh it reminds me of Scotland!'). There was a bit of up and down, mostly up as the river climbed, leading to some large locks. There was also a fair bit of nice off-road along gritty tracks. I am requested to note that we saw a red squirrel. And a lot of giant orange slugs.

Had a nice lunch stop in a pizza restaurant in Metlach, a quiet town where every shop was the factory outlet of a homeware store. I ordered vegetable soufflé and got a delicious pasta bake. Another triumph for the translation app! Also had mildly stressful ice cream stop in Merzig which was a dump of a town, and where we went round the same roundabout repeatedly. We did establish that Kaufland (a very large supermarket) really does not sell either of the two types of gas cannister I can use. We are in fact now out of gas, sadly, and currently have no plan for getting more.

Not that this matters as tonight we have found a beautiful peaceful campsite with a good looking restaurant and only friendly Dutch campers for company. The sun is shining, we have a bottle of chilled Reisling, and all is very well in my world.

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