Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 16: to Wehlen (80k) (815 total)

Minus my computer I need to start a tally of total distance. 80k today felt good, it was warm but not roasting and such beautiful countryside, lots of off-road paths and ever more steep vineyards on each side.

Ed bought a spoke from a man first thing and fixed his wheel which has been fine. Horace was grindy for much of the day but recovered at the end. Katy has slight sun allergy but it recuperating now. We all had a brief (in my case very brief) swim in the Moselle when we got to the campsite tonight. It is very peaceful and has a wonderful vineyard view. We have been warned that there will be a helicopter hovering tomorrow at 6am to spray fungicide... Unless it rains. Here's hoping for helicopters!

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