Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 13: to Koblenz (39k)

So here's the thing: often the only thing I can find to eat for breakfast here is cake (!).

Another hot and lazy day after a deliciously warm night under canvas. My destination is Koblenz, an ancient and surprisingly large town at the confluence of the Rhine and the Moselle where I am to meet Katy and Ed tomorrow.

I casually booked a night in the youth hostel, thinking 'oh it's in a fortress, that's cool'. When I got into town I realised the fortress has a very imposing position a good few hundred feet vertically above the river. Gulp. Then I saw the cable car. Which takes bikes. Hurrah for laziness, that's 6 euros well spent.  

It certainly has the best view of any youth hostel I've been in, with the two rivers meeting at a famous landmark ('German corner'), umpteen enormous river cruiser boats, train lines everywhere, and the old town including statuesque monuments and palaces opposite. The whole town was apparently massively spruced up for a garden festival 3 years ago, which resulted in the aforementioned cable car. As told to me by a nice local with whom I just had a beer. He takes the cable car home from work every day apparently, 

The 'inside a fortress' thing is also rather unique. As in, there's a huge fortress all over the hill, that is in a perfect state of modern preservation, and the youth hostel is in one wing of it. In other wings, a restaurant, museum, wedding venue... Tis a strange place! 

Half way through writing this the weather has started to break. There were definitely some raindrops on the canvas last night but not enough to really count come morning. We are sadly overdue some cooler and wetter weather. It has also driven in a group of perhaps twenty 11-yr olds who (unlike me) seem to have got here purely by cycling.

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