Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 18: to Luxembourg and back! (85k) (985 total).

Despite being squeezed between a main road, a railway line and a river, we all slept well. Given this, and the considerable attractions of a) not having to pack up and b) cycling without panniers, we decided to leave our tents where they are, and take a little side trip to Luxembourg. 

Luxembourg is in fact only 5k away, where the Moselle starts to form the border between it and Germany. We rode down the Luxembourg side, which was rather disappointing in that it was mostly cycle path immediately adjacent to busy road. We lunched in the 'picturesque town' of Remich which was also rather underwhelming. Katy felt she got the full French experience by getting a ham omelette when she ordered cheese (Katy is veggie). 

After lunch we cycled on down the river to Schengen which is tiny and famous for the agreement but also, fittingly, is the three-way border between France, Germany and Luxembourg. Then we crossed the river back into Germany and cycled home down lovely off-road tracks.

The day was notable for two things. One, Horace heroically saved me from a too-fast Luxembourgian driver (he clipped Horace's bar end with his wing mirror, which had no effect on me, and he did stop to apologise). Second, delicious black forest gateau in the weirdest cake stop yet, a darkened tearoom reminiscent of 1898, when the establishment was in fact established. 

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