Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 11: in Cologne

A really roasting day - and thus a good one to be stationary. Despite vague intentions to do top tourism sites in fact I have done very little except laze around in parks, caf├ęs etc. I seem to feel a bit twitchy whenever I stop like this. But I am feeling much better after two large beers this evening in a lakeside beer garden (where the waiter gave me his phone number!). The park is absolutely covered with people barbecuing and sitting around listening to music. It looks like a festival but is in fact just a regular sunny Tuesday evening.

Cologne is a town of a million, of whom 100,000 are students and it has a really nice laid back vibe. Moreover my bike has been returned with a new rack and with gears realigned. The heatwave is supposedly on its way out, with potential thunderstorms arising.  Tomorrow will be my first day of actual Rhine cycling! And all being well I am planning some warmer weather camping.

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