Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 36: to Linz (75; 2289)

A second lovely Austrian cycling day, though a little sleep-deprived as I didn't get to bed till (gasp!) midnight, surprisingly drunk after 3 beers. And then the firemen started their games again early just outside my tent. With Abba playing as a soundtrack.

Blissful cycling through the middle section of the day on dedicated Tarmac cycle paths alongside the southern bank of the Danube. Superb forested mountains with occasional castles, monasteries etc to look at across the water. A bendy river with the odd ferry to take. Picture perfect. 'Yeah, it's just Austria' say my German friends with faint scorn.

We had another nice tailwind and were really zipping along, averaging more than 25 kmh. I lose these companions tomorrow as they head south for Croatia, I shall miss their company but will enjoy dawdling a bit more!

We rolled into Linz early afternoon, again a picture perfect and rather grand town. The campsite is a little way out in a nice park - or a 'ghetto', depending on who you ask. Tonight there is yet more football to be watched, if I stay awake that long. The World Cup has the advantage of making it possible to identify nationalities more easily: I saw some Brits flying England flags from their bike and I think those are the first English accents I've heard since leaving home!

Trying to figure out a post-Budapest plan. Ideally I want to end up at a ferry (so that's probably Holland or Copenhagen) one month after leaving Budapest. And absolutely ideally, I want to cycle the whole way. I may have to tackle some pesky mountains after all!

Austria looks like this:

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  1. Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen. How many mountains is that?