Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 26: to Melide

A 40k day but - bliss - no waterproofs! Perfect walking weather in fact, with some sun and some overcast and little wind. More rain is due... but it was so lovely to be jacket-free for a day.

More rural Galicia - now also some pine and eucalyptus forests, and a bit of heathland, but mostly just lovely green lanes and ancient farmyards.

The morning was somewhat littered with fellow pilgrims and coachloads of teenagers, but we lost them all at our lunch stop (Palais de Rei) where the municipal hostels were filling up fast. We still had another 15k to cover, and it was a much more peaceful afternoon as a result.

I forgot to mention one crucial ingredient of Galician farms yesterday: dogs. The average farm has 2 or 3 fenced/chained working dogs, plus one or two small, friendly, pets. In fact the average household seems  to have both of those as well. I could make a great calendar 'cute dogs of the Camino' (like 'cats of Greece' or indeed 'bridges of the Camino', which I actually saw yesterday). Anyway, fair to say as well as this whole trip being enabled (sort of) by my non-dog-owner status, it has definitely confirmed my need of one. Small, scruffy, and friendly.

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